2018 Symposium Presentations

Presentations will be posted as they become available.

Presenter Session Presentation Link
Nancy Marek Geographic Object-based image analysis of UAS’s imagery to map understory deciciduous forest invasive species  PDF

Video (links to YouTube)

Christopher Polatin Introduction  to Invasive Plant Management PDF
Christopher Polatin Advanced Invasive Plant Management Japanese Barberry & Japanese Knotweed PDF
Emmett Varrichio Connecticut’s Invasive Plant Management Calendar PDF
Michael Van Clef, Ph.D. Invasive Species: Data Reporting and Database Services PDF
Jeff Ward Safety Concerns when Treating Invasive Species PDF
Stephen Kelly Closing Remarks Song about Invasive Plants Video (links to YouTube)
David Gumbart Session 4 Advanced Invasive Plant Management PDF


Presenter Poster
Gregory J Bugbee, Summer E Stebbins, Riley S Doherty Surveillance and Management of Invasive Aquatic Plants
Northeast Aquatic Research The Infestation of Fanwort, and Rapid-Response in Middle Bolton Lake
CT DOT Bureau of Highway Operations CT DOT Invasive Plant Management- Vegetation Control on Highway Roadsides
Paul Capotosto, Roger Wolfe, Bonnie Lathrop Control of Phragmites australis in CT
Laura Mattei From Japanese Knotweed to Black-eyed Susans Gowing’s Swamp, Concrod MA