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Section 1 – Woody Plants: Trees & Shrubs Entire Section  Photo Notebook Project Section1cover
Acer spp. (A. ginnala – Amur Maple, A. platanoides – Norway Maple, A. pseudoplatanus – Sycamore Maple)  Photo Notebook ProjectAcercover
Ailanthus altissima – Tree-of-heaven  Photo Notebook ProjectTreeofHeavencover
Amorpha fruticosa – False Indigo  Photo Notebook ProjectFalseIndigocover
Berberis spp. (B. thunbergii – Japanese Barberry, B. vulgaris – Common Barberry)  Photo Notebook ProjectBerberiscover
Elaeagnus spp. (E. angustifolia – Russian Olive, E. umbellata – Autumn Olive)  Photo Notebook ProjectElaeagnuscover
Euonymus alatus – Winged Euonymus/Burning Bush  Photo Notebook ProjectEuonymuscover
Buckthorns (Frangula alnus – Glossy Buckthorn, Rhamnus cathartica – Common Buckthorn)  Photo Notebook ProjectBucckthornscover
Ligustrum spp. – Privets  Photo Notebook ProjectLigustrumcov
Lonicera spp. – Honeysuckle Shrubs (L. morrowii, L. tatarica, L. x bella)  Photo Notebook ProjectLoniceraShrubcover
Rubus phoenicolasius – Wineberry  Photo Notebook ProjectWineberrycov
Section 2 – Woody Plants: Vines Entire Section  Photo Notebook ProjectSection2cover
Ampelopsis brevipedunculata – Porcelainberry  Photo Notebook ProjectPorcelainberrycover
Celastrus orbiculatus – Oriental (or Asiatic) Bittersweet  Photo Notebook ProjectBittersweetcover
Lonicera japonica – Japanese Honeysuckle  Photo Notebook ProjectJapHoneysucklecover
Pueraria montana – Kudzu  Photo Notebook ProjectKudzucover
Toxicodendron radicans – Poison Ivy

(Problem native; not “invasive” per definition of CT Invasive Plant criteria)

 Photo Notebook ProjectPIcover
Section 3 – Herbaceous Plants (including Grasses & Vines) Entire Section  Photo Notebook ProjectSection3cover
Aegopodium podagraria – Goutweed  Photo Notebook ProjectGoutweedcover
Alliaria petiolata – Garlic Mustard  Photo Notebook ProjectGMcover
Artemisia vulgaris – Mugwort  Photo Notebook ProjectMugwortcover
Arthraxon hispidus – Hairy Jointgrass  Photo Notebook ProjectArthraxoncover
Butomus umbellatus – Flowering Rush  Photo Notebook ProjectButomuscov
Cardamine impatiens – Narrowleaf Bittercress  Photo Notebook ProjectCardaminecover
Cynanchum spp. (C. louiseae – Black Swallow-wort, C. rossicum – Pale Swallow-wort)  Photo Notebook ProjectCynanchumcover
Egeria densa – Brazillian Water-weed  Photo Notebook ProjectEgeriacov
Elsholtzia ciliata – Crested Late-summer Mint  Photo Notebook ProjectElsholtziacov
Glyceria maxima – Reed Mannagrass  Photo Notebook ProjectGlyceriacov
Heracleum mantegazzianum – Giant Hogweed  Photo Notebook ProjectGiantHogweedcover
Humulus japonicus – Japanese Hop  Photo Notebook ProjectJapHopcover
Hydilla verticillata – Hydrilla  Photo Notebook ProjectHydrillacovpdf
Impatiens glandulifera – Ornamental jewelweed  Photo Notebook ProjectImpatienscov
Iris pseudacorus – Yellow Iris  Photo Notebook ProjectIrisciver
Lythrum salicaria – Purple Loosestrife  Photo Notebook ProjectPurpleLoosestrifecover
Microstegium vimineum – Japanese Stilt Grass  Photo Notebook ProjectJapStiltgrasscover
Phalaris arundinacea – Reed Canary Grass  Photo Notebook ProjectPhalariscover
Persicaria perfoliata – Mile-a-minute Vine  Photo Notebook ProjectMAMcover
Phragmites australis – Phragmites (Common Reed)  Photo Notebook ProjectPhragcover
Polygonum cuspidatum – Japanese Knotweed  Photo Notebook ProjectJapKnotweedcover
Senecio jacobaea – Tansy Ragwort  Photo Notebook ProjectSeneciocov
Section 4 – Mechanical and Physical Control: Tools for Invasive Plant Removal Entire Section

  1. Hand-pulling, Digging, Mowing, and Cutting
  2. Tools to Remove Invasive Trees & Shrubs
  3. Flame Weeding
  4. Foliar Spray – Herbicides
  5. Cut-and-paint Herbicide Method
 Photo Notebook ProjectSection4cover
Section 5 – Maps Entire Section

  1. Connecticut Counties
  2. Connecticut Towns
  3. Distribution of Mile-a-minute Vine
  4. Distribution of Giant Hogweed
  5. Distribution of Purple Loosestrife Biological Control Beetles
  6. UConn Extension Centers
 Photo Notebook ProjectSection5cover