CT State Invasive Plant Laws

Connecticut General Statutes (CGS)

Sec. 22a-381. Invasive Plants Council: Membership; meetings.

CTStateIPCSec. 22a-381a. Duties and recommendations of the Invasive Plants Council.

Sec. 22a-381b. Listing of invasive and potentially invasive plants by council. Criteria for listing. Approval by majority of council’s membership.

Sec. 22a-381c. Prohibition on purchase of invasive or potentially invasive plants by state agencies.

Sec. 22a-381d. Prohibited actions concerning certain invasive plants. Municipal ordinances re invasive plants.

Sec. 15-180. Transporting vessel or trailer without inspecting for and properly removing and disposing of vegetation

Public Act 12-167.  An act requiring the inspection of vessels and trailers for invasive aquatic species. (PDF)

Public Act 10-20. To authorize conservation officers to enforce certain prohibitions concerning invasive plants.