2016 Symposium Presentations

Presentations will be posted as they become available.

Presenter Session Presentation Link
Bill Hyatt Connecticut Invasive Plants Council Update Connecticut Invasive Plants Council Update Presentation
Karl Wagener Invited Talk  Connecticut’s Future: Rooted in Choice! Presentation
Doug Cygan Session 1 New Hampshire Invasive Species Program Presentation
Bill Hyatt Session 1 What are Other States Doing? Connecticut Invasive Plant Actions Presentation
Randy Prostak Session 1 What are Other States Doing? Massachusetts Invasive Plant Advisory Group Presentation
Kimberly Stoner Session 2 The Pollinator Victory Garden- the Bees Presentation
Bill Moorhead Session 3 A Logitudinal Experiment in Volunteer-Powered Restoration of a Berberis thunbergii– Infested Floodplain Forest Presentation
Abby Stokes & Petie Reed Session 3 Knotweed Conquered: A Surefire Method Presentation


Donna Ellis Session 4 Beauty and the Beast: Purple Loosestrife Biological Control Update Presentation
Bill Purcell Session 4 Using Livestock As Biological Control Agents Presentation
Lisa Tewksbury Session 4 Biological Control of Swallow-worts Presentation
Don Les Session 5 How to Stop Invasive Aquatic Plants in New England Presentation
Ken Wagner, Ph.D Session 5 Managing Invasive Species in a Complicated World Presentation
Jeff Ward Session 6 Running Bamboo in Connecticut Presentation
Charlotte Pyle Wrap-up Presentation


Presenter Poster
Alyssa Matz Investigating the Chemical Signals of Galerucella spp. for Effective Biological Control of Lythrum salicaria
Jessica Lubell Challenges to Developing the Market for Native Shrubs
John Campanelli Effective Establishment of Native Grasses on Roadsides in New England
Scott Graves Viability and Utility of μUAS for Wetland Monitoring at Pond Lily Nature Preserve
Scott Graves Viability and Utility of μUAS for Wetland Monitoring at Cove River Historical Site
Carole Cheah Biological Control of Mile-a-Minute Weed (MAM) in CT
Naomi Robert Examining the Effects of Tree Canopy and Japanese Barberry Management on Asian Jumping Worms at White Memorial
Sigrun Gadwa Artemisia vulgaris (Mugwort): Overlooked Infiltrator of Meadow Habitats