Early Detection and Research Lists

CIPWG would like your help in tracking plants on our Early Detection and Research Lists throughout the growing season.  Please visit  http://cipwg.uconn.edu/early_detection/ for more information on these plants.

Plants on the Early Detection List are known to be invasive or potentially invasive in Connecticut and are on Connecticut’s list of Invasive and Potentially Invasive Plants.  They are known to be present only in relatively low numbers at limited locations in Connecticut.  These species should be considered for control and eradication efforts in the state when resources are available.

Plants on the Research List are plants about which more information is desired.  This is not a regulatory list or an invasive plant list.  Plants are not necessarily listed here prior to inclusion on an invasive plant list.  Rather, more information about these plants and their occurrence in the state is desired.

We are particularly interested in new occurrences of plants listed on the Early Detection List.  For help with identification of the plants on this list click below for slides:


Please report your findings to info@cipwg.org. Be sure to include as much detail as you are able (attach photographs if possible) and provide your contact information.